Question2Answer 1.6.3已发布

经过漫长的等待,Greenspan 终于更新了Question2Answer。1.6.3依然是个小版本的迭代,修复了很多bug,改善了性能。

  • Combined sub-navigation for user profile and account/favorites pages.
  • Allowed any wall post (beyond the first page) to be deleted.
  • Excluded ( ) [ ] brackets when automatically detecting URLs.
  • Allowed changes of category to be performed as a silent edit.
  • Fixed recalculation of user points when using external user integration with textual userids.
  • Stopped sending passwords out in user registration emails.
  • Filtered out


    tags from being displayed in the content of posts.
  • Excluded irrelevant tables when calculating database size for admin/stats page.
  • Excluded closed questions from listings on the 'Unanswered' page.
  • Increment the counters which limit rate of posting when posts are queued, not approved.
  • Send the direct link for a comment (instead of its parent) in notification emails regarding comments.
  • Applied word censoring to the contents of wall posts sent out in email notifications.
  • Applied word censoring to the titles of items in search results.
  • Applied word censoring when showing tags in the tag cloud widget.
  • Fixed WordPress integration (and sample external user integration code) to work with any Q2A URL structure.
  • Prevented blocked users from changing their user profile.
  • Fixed PHP warning on several different pages if all extra user fields are removed.
  • Added an indication if a user is blocked on their account page.
  • Added user email confirmation status to the admin page for moderating user registrations.
  • Show maximum rate for wall posts and private messages in admin panel in all appropriate cases.
  • Allowed custom pages to be saved and viewed directly in a single click.
  • Ensured that no category can be specified when asking a question, if admin permits this.
  • Fixed PHP warning on ask page if tags are not being used on a Q2A site.
  • Fixed bug in


    parameter passed to filter modules when determining whether a new post has to be moderated.
  • Only show category links on Unanswered page if


    is set to true.
  • Fixed several minor issues in the Snow theme.
  • Improved behavior of WYSIWYG editor in non-Javascript or Android browsers.

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Question2Answer 1.6.2发布

由于时间关系,好久没有关注Q2A。Question2Answer 1.6.2官方版已经发布有一段时间了,昨天晚上没事打包了Question2Answer 1.6.2的中文版方便大家下载。


Question2Answer 1.6.2中文版

Question2Answer 1.5.4发布

Gideon在2012年11月29日发布了Question2Answer 1.5.4开源问答系统。

Bug Fixes

  • Prevented multiple accounts with the same email address when logging in via an external identity provider.
  • Updated Facebook plugin for change in location of user avatar URLs in Facebook Graph API response.
  • Fixed functionality of 'Remember' checkbox in login form at the top of the Snow theme.
  • Fixed reference to background image in Candy theme CSS file.
  • Fixed partial log out when multiple Q2A sites share users and logins.
  • Fixed rare PHP notice when viewing an IP address page.
  • Added verification of content of uploaded images in WYSIWYG editor.

Other Changes

  • Added Ajax-style loading spinners for non-Ajax operations which perform heavy writes to the database.
  • Reset the created time of moderated posts to the moment when the posts are approved.
  • Updated Snow theme with several visual improvements and tweaks.
  • Updated to htmLawed 1.1.14 and CKEditor 3.6.5.





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